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LearnVirtual  For Beginners 
Online Training Course


Would you like to jumpstart your Virtual Assistant career by getting your first order from us or one of our clients?  If so, as part of our Partnership Program you will have the opportunity to work and get paid for it. And by earning extra money you are lowering the cost of your training. 

Who can partner with us and participate in this program?

Anyone who fulfills the following conditions:

  1. Complete our Simple Guide to Virtual Assistance course

  2. Pass all graded quizzes with a minimum score of 80% or higher

  3. Complete and submit all regular and practical tasks 

  4. Your training must be paid in full 

  5. You must submit a formal proposal for the project we offer to you

  6. Sign a copyright transfer agreement (if applicable)

  7. You agree to provide feedback about your learning experience 

If you meet all of the criteria above, please fill out and submit the form below. We will confirm your eligibility and send you email confirmation of your acceptance into the Partnership Program.

Thanks! Message sent.

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How does it work?

Once we accept you into the Partnership Program, we will enter you into our database.  Once we have some work that matches your skills, we will notify you of the available opportunity.  If you accept, you then send us a proposal and we will send you the work details.  Once completed, all you have to do is submit your work.  If accepted by us or our client, we will request an invoice from you. If your work is not accepted, we will request that you make corrections to your work.

Can you guarantee I will get some work?

We cannot guarantee we will have work matching your skill set.  For example: if you can only answer phones or do data entry, it is less likely we will have a project for you.  However, if you are a researcher, writer, graphic designer, WordPress or SEO professional, then it is more likely that we will provide you with a work order.


How soon will I get paid?

Usually, we will issue a payment within a couple of days from the date we receive your invoice.


How soon will I get work order?

Once again, a lot depends on your skill set. However, most work orders are offered within 30 days.


Can I get more then one work order?

The purpose of this Partnership Program is to provide students with an opportunity to experience real work situations and recoup part of their training cost. Since we have new students enrolling on a regular basis, we can not guarantee more work for the old students. However, if you would like to be considered for more work in the future please register with our partner company VirtualHelp24. It is completely free.




If you have completed our training, then you have the opportunity to form a partnership with VirtualHelp24.

VirtualHelp24 may provide you with work opportunities for a wide array of clients. Some of their clients are seeking competitive pricing for basic administrative duties. Others are looking for a Virtual Assistant specializing in a niche market (such as Graphic design, Email marketing, receptionist services etc) and are willing to pay more for the right talent.​

Regardless of your current skill set, location, or rates, we would like to hear from you!

There are numerous advantages of partnering with VirtualHelp24:

  • Potential to generate more work opportunities, and more revenue for your VA business

  • Form new relationships with clients

  • Gain additional exposure without spending more money on marketing

  • Utilize our pool of Virtual Assistants to complement your team

  • There is no long-term contract — you can end the partnership whenever you like

  • Zero cost to join

If you are interested in this partnership opportunity, please contact us and our representative will email you the application link. 

Ready to get started with VirtualHelp24
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